PSJ Hydrotranzit company - PSJ Hydrotranzit

Company name PSJ Hydrotranzit, a. s.
Domicile: Vlčie hrdlo 90, 821 07 Bratislava, Slovakia
Phone No: +421 2 4828 8101

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GPS: 48.129734, 17.185795
          48˚7′47,04 ″ 17˚11′8,862 ″

Mailing address:
P.O.Box 2, 820 14 Bratislava Slovakia

Commercial Register: Commercial court Bratislava I. Section: Sa, Insertion No.: 2936/B
Company ID: 35833106
Tax identification No: 2020247757
VAT identification No: SK2020247757

PSJ Hydrotranzit, a.s. is a construction company that is specialized in the implementation of technological, energy, civil engineering works and of structural engineering projects and constructions.

Since the company constitution in 2002 year there were realized dozens of notable construction projects in the area of petroleum products and natural gas distribution and storage in the Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Poland and in other countries.

Extensive employees experience and high professionalism of the PSJ Hydrotranzit, a. s. company enabled to extend technological focusing of the company activities also to the civil engineering works and structural engineering, which successful implementations confirm universality of the company.

The PSJ Hydrotranzit, a.s. company is a member of the construction companies group “PSJ Holding BV” that is one of the most important construction companies operating in the Central Europe region, and it is persistently strengthening its position through the successful implementation of projects in the countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and America, among which are ranked also Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Russia, Belarus, U.S.A., Tunisia and more than 20 other countries.

The PSJ Hydrotranzit company always confirms its ability to manage complex projects for demanding clients also in form of implemented and ongoing EPC projects, wherein it performs engineering, designing and construction activities, and where it gives off entire project with complex service to the investors.


The PSJ Hydrotranzit, a. s. company is working in an integrated management control system, in accordance with international standards issued by the SGS company:

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management System ISO 14001
  • Health and safety at work system OHSAS 18001
  • Welding Research Institute - Industrial Institute of the Slovak Republic) issued, after meeting rigorous criteria, a CertiWeld Certificate - quality management system in welding to the PSJ Hydrotranzit, a. s. company according to ISO 3834-2
  • The company has a certificate of conformity of production control for the manufacture of structural components for steel structures EN 1090-1

Operating results

Awards obtained

Building of the Year 2014

Installation of tandem turbo-sets in the KS 03 compressor station at Veľké Zlievce.
Jury awarded in the 20th annual nationwide public competition “Building of the year” 2009, the prize of Minister of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic, to the ITT construction work in the KS 03 Compressor station KS 03 at Veľké Zlievce.

Building of the Year 2009

Yasmin Hotel in Košice city

Jury awarded in the 15th annual nationwide public competition “Building of the Year” 2009, the prize of the Technický a skúšobný ústav stavebný (Building Testing And Research Institute), to the Yasmin Hotel for optimal usage of progressive building materials, products and systems in the construction.

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Children's Fund of the Slovak Republic

Civic association "Children's Fund of the Slovak Republic" is an NGO, working in the sphere of children's rights protection and assistance, in creation ideological, conceptual and material conditions of health, social, educational and psychological care of children and youth in the Slovak Republic. The Children's Fund of the Slovak Republic implements community service projects, and it acts everywhere, where the state cannot work for various reasons.

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